Spelling program version comparison

  1. Learn New Words (improved version of Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check spelling method). Adult spelling. Children's spelling. Not printable version.
  2. Spelling Test (tests spelling of words learned and tracks progress of each user). Adult spelling. Children's spelling. Not printable version.
  3. Correct Problem Words (corrects habitual misspellings using Old Way/New Way® Learning Method). Adult spelling. Children's spelling. Printable version.
  4. Word lists built in or downloadable (core words for developing word power, graded word lists, frequently misspelled words, special problem words). All versions.
  5. USA spelling conventions word lists built in. All versions.
  6. UK/Oz spelling conventions word lists built in. All versions.
  7. Create your own word lists (customise spelling lists for learning, testing and habit correction). All versions.
  8. Special version for adult learners (not just another educational computer game for kids). Adult spelling. Printable version.
  9. Voiced instructions guide the user and reinforce on-screen instructions (sound can be turned off). Adult spelling. Children's spelling. Not printable version.
  10. For all ages. All versions.
  11. Downloadable. All versions.
  12. Networkable (please request our instructions before purchasing, to check suitability for your network). Adult spelling. Children's spelling.
  13. Multiple users per installation. All versions.
  14. Easy to learn and use; user friendly method of learning spelling. All versions.
  15. Results apparent after one session (spelling case studies). All versions.
  16. Step-by-step preview and description of how it works, with screen shots. Adult spelling. Children's spelling.
  17. Free trial download. Adult spelling. Children's spelling. Not printable version.
  18. Independent reviews. All versions.
  19. What other people are saying about it. All versions.
  20. Cognitive science research support for learning methods used (proof of concept; evidence of effectiveness). All versions.
  21. Develops understanding and word meaning through use of words in context. All versions.
  22. Meaningful word practice in context. All versions.
  23. Instructional level - suitable for beginner, basic, advanced, remedial spelling instruction, learning professional vocabularies. All versions.
  24. Handles spelling reversals. All versions.
  25. Independent student use with minimal or no supervision after initial learning period. All versions.
  26. Develops error recognition and improved memory for correct spelling. All versions.
  27. Compatible with wide range of teaching approaches and learning styles. All versions.
  28. Suitable for foreign language learning (each word list item can contain more than one word, to provide meaning in context). All versions.
  29. Suitable for Apple Mac. No. Printable version is an option.
  30. Suitable for Microsoft Windows (95/98/Me/NT/ 2000/XP/Vista). Yes.
  31. Site licenses including provision for home-use installation by students and teachers, and more. Adult spelling. Children's spelling. Not printable version.
  32. Purchase online or by mail, phone or fax using credit card, purchase order, cheque or bank transfer. All versions.


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