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Police spelling word lists

Police spelling mastery is a requirement of many police force agencies and written work makes up an important part of a police officer's training program and daily work.

Word list features

Police terms word lists are now available for Personal Best Spelling™ V2 for AUD$3. When last compiled, these spelling lists were used by the Victoria Police in Australia. Intending users should check that the spelling of these words is consistent with their country's spelling conventions and that the terms are suitable for use within their own organisation. Word lists can easily be edited with a text editor or from within Personal Best Spelling™.

The file containing the entire set of word lists of police terms is delivered as an attachment to an email we will send you after you place your order. To install the word lists, right-click on the email attachment named policewords.zip, select Save As and save it to your Downloads folder. Then, start the spelling program, click Import, navigate to the Downloads folder, select the zipped word list and click Open. Screen shots showing these steps in greater detail can be found here.

Note that these lists are provided "as is" and apart from being updated from time to time there is no further support provided for these lists.

Learning police terms with Personal Best Spelling

Personal Best Spelling™ is a unique learning tool for use with medical terms and other professional vocabularies. Personal Best Spelling™:

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  • provides purchasable word lists in U.K./Oz English, plus you can create and edit your own lists
  • runs on Windows computers.

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