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Program Instructions


The spelling program can be downloaded in three versions:


After downloading the program, double-click the program file (pbs2a.exe, pbs2c.exe or pbs2p.exe) to start the installation. The installation is automatic and takes place after downloading is complete. Allow the installation to make changes to your computer. Microsoft .NET Framework 4, which is required to run the spelling program may not already be on your computer, in which case it will install itself and the whole process may take a bit longer.


It is strongly recommended that you first run the program in unregistered mode so you can try it before you buy. As stated on our policy page, if you change your mind after you have registered the program you will not be able to obtain a refund because the intellectual property has then been transferred.

Unregistered, you will see two word lists in the Demo list folder and you will not be able to edit, create, import, print or delete word lists. However, you will be able to try out the main program features, i.e., Test Spelling, Learn Words and Correct Words, using the two demo word lists.

To use all the program's features, you have to register it, i.e., you have to purchase a Licence Key. If you have not done so already, download the program and it will install automatically. Allow the installation to make changes to your computer.

Click Start | Shortcut to Personal Best Spelling™ (v2) to start the program. In the top right hand corner of the program window you will see the word Unregistered, followed by a number in brackets. That number is your Installation Code. Note it down because you will need it later.


To purchase a Licence Key, complete the order form. Include the Installation Code on your order form, along with your other details. Normally, within 24 hours you will receive an email with your Licence Key and a receipt.

After the program starts, select First-time User or Experienced User and click Enter Licence Key.


Read and agree to the End User Licence Agreement.

spelling program EULA

Your program should now be registered.


If registration fails, please check that you put the correct Installation Code on your Order Form, before contacting us.

Getting started

First time users can select an introduction to the spelling program.

spelling program splash screen

The user learns about Old Way/New Way; how to register; word list usage and tips; how to reinforce learning and improve memory for spelling; and contact details for program support are provided.

First user screen

Experienced users can bypass this information to start work immediately and create, edit, print, import, delete or select word lists for use in the program.

Children using the program may require adult supervision or assistance to ensure that words entered into the program are spelled correctly.

HINT: The program provides voiced coaching throughout, to aid the learner. However, with experience the learner will not require such assistance and the voice can be turned off using the Mute button. This also increases the speed at which the program operates, making possible even more efficient use of learning time.

Working with word lists

Work starts in Personal Best Spelling™ with a word list. The program opens with the Word List screen. You can create your own lists or purchase and import ready-made lists. There are hundreds of specialised lists to choose from including lists of words for adult learners, word lists for schools and occupational vocabularies for medical practitioners and police officers.

Once you have selected a list to work with, you can edit the list; learn words in the list; test your spelling of those words; or correct words that you have trouble spelling.

Selecting | Editing | Creating | Printing | Importing | Deleting

Selecting word lists

  1. Work starts when you select a word list. You cannot Learn Words, Test Words or Correct Words until you have selected a word list.
  2. Select the Work With Word Lists tab.
  3. In the left side panel, open a word list folder and select a list in that folder that you want to work with, e.g., Demo/Demo 1.txt.
  4. The words in the chosen list are shown in the right side panel.
spelling program select word list screen

Editing word lists

  1. After you have selected a list to work with, click Edit.
  2. Notepad will open with the words in the list. The Notepad window may be larger than shown here.

spelling program edit word list screen

3. Edit the list.

edit word list

4. Click File | Save to save your edited list. Click File | Exit to close Notepad.

save word list

5. Your edited list now appears in the word list screen.

word list editing complete

Creating new word lists

1. Click New in the Work With Word Lists screen.

spelling program create new word list

2. Notepad will open. Enter your words, each word on a new line.

spelling program new word list

3. Click File | Save.

spelling program save new word lst

4. Navigate to this folder: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PersonalBestSpelling. This is where you will create a new folder, in which to save your new word list.

5. With the PersonalBestSpelling folder selected, click "New folder" (it's towards the top of the window).

6. Type the name of the new folder and hit Enter.

7. Double click the new folder, in order to select it.

8. Type the name of the new word list and click Save. You do not have to type the file extension (.txt) because it is added automatically.

9. Click File/Exit, to close Notepad.

10. Close Personal Best Spelling. The next time you open it, you should see the new folder (e.g., PaulsLists) containing the new word list (e.g., NewList1.txt).

spelling program list

You do not always have to create a new folder when you create a new word list. Instead, you can choose to save the new word list inside an existing folder.

Printing word lists

Printing a word list gives the user a record of what work was completed. To print a list, first select the list and then click Print.

spelling program printing word lists

Importing word lists

Ready-made word list packages can be purchased from the Personal Best Spelling™ website by completing the order form. Within 24 hours after you submit the order form and we are notified of your payment, you will receive a link to the word lists in an email. Click on the link or cut and paste it into the address bar of your web browser. That will download the word list file onto your computer.

There are two ways of installing a word list package, Process A and Process B, described below. Start by following Process A. If that does not work, close the spelling program. Then, install your word list package manually, using Process B. Please DO NOT uninstall the program at this stage.

Installing Word Lists Process A

1. Start the spelling program and click Import.

spelling program importing word lists

2. Navigate to the Downloads folder and locate your word list. You may have placed it in a sub-folder, e.g., ImportedWordLists. Select the sub-folder and click Open

spelling program importing

3. The ImportedWordLists folder will open and reveal the word list, e.g., Select that zip file and click Open.

spelling program imported list

4. The imported word lists now appear in the left side panel, in their own folder.

spelling program import of word lists

Installing Word Lists Process B

With some computer configurations, Process A may not install your word lists successfully. You may be able to bypass this problem using Process B, as described below. If Process B does not fix the problem, email us for further support. Please DO NOT uninstall the program.

1. Using Windows Explorer (right-click Start to select it), navigate to the Downloads folder and locate your word list, e.g.,

2. Double click the word list file to reveal the 9 folders contained within it, e.g., US Adult, US Common, US Demons, and so on.

3. Select all 9 folders, copy them and paste them into the PersonalBestSpelling folder. Here is the path to that folder:
C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PersonalBestSpelling.
If you do not know how to select, copy and paste multiple folders, do them one at a time.


If you do NOT see the PersonalBestSpelling folder then abandon word list installation. DO NOT uninstall the program at this stage and email us for further support.

4. When the extraction process is complete, the imported word lists folders containing the separate word lists will appear in the PersonalBestSpelling folder. Next time you open the spelling program, the word lists will appear, ready to use.

Deleting word lists

To delete an unwanted word list, select the list and click Delete.

spelling program deleting word lists

Learn words

After selecting a word list to work with, click the Learn Words tab. The instructions describe the learning process, step by step.

spelling program learning new words

Test spelling

After selecting a word list to work with, click the Test Spelling tab. The instructions describe the learning process, step by step.

spelling program spelling test

Correct words

After selecting a word list to work with, click the Correct Words tab. The instructions describe the learning process, step by step.

spelling program word correction

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