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Old Way/New Way® Learning

The Way Ahead: Old Way/New Way and Mediational Learning. Paul Baxter. Classroom. Issue 7, 2000, pages 12 - 13. Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd.

By Dr Paul Baxter, author of, How To Get the Most Out of Your Child's School: 60 Questions Parents Ask Teachers. Fontana/Collins, 1983.

"Notice how children and adults keep misspelling the same word in the same wrong way? Learn why students keep falling back to old ways and improve classroom learning with Old Way/New Way®.

The Education Boom

spelling program learning method

The Education Boom. Jarek Czechowicz. Management Today. November-December 2000. Pages 12 and 13. Australian Institute of Management.

Knowledge is an enterprise's greatest resource. Online management development is fast and cheap. By 2002, more than half of all training will be technology based, with the remainder taking place in the classroom.

This article discusses the proactive habit interference mechanism that slows down change and continuous improvement in knowledge and skills. The solution, Old Way/New Way®, accelerates human learning and allows the rapid uptake of new knowledge and skills.

Computer Corner review of Personal Best Spelling™

Computer Corner review of Personal Best Spelling™ by Bill Gillespie. Education: Journal of the New South Wales Teachers Federation. 16 October, 2000, page 24.

".... This program takes a no nonsense approach to the teaching of spelling... This is not a game dressed up as educational software.... One advantage of this approach is that it can correct persistent, learned and habitual spelling errors... It is worthwhile visiting the web site just to read the information on the Old Way/New Way® approach to learning."

Mediational Learning: Old Habits No Longer Die Hard

spelling program review by adult literacy organisation

Mediational Learning: Old Habits No Longer Die Hard. Dr Paul Baxter. Write On, 2000, 18, 1, 10 - 15. Queensland Council For Adult Literacy Newsletter.

Discusses the theoretical background to Mediational Learning (Old Way/New Way®) and its application to adult literacy teaching. Contains over 32 references to research journal articles.

Published research on Old Way/New Way®

For a full list of published articles in international refereed journals on the Old Way/New Way® learning method and its many application, go to the annotated spelling program bibliography.

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