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Spelling tutor—one page printable spelling lesson

For those who don't want to use a computer but still want to benefit from Old Way/New Way® and the Look Say Cover Write Check 5+5 learning method (LSCWC) and improve their spelling, Personal Best Spelling™ is now available as a low cost one-page, self-contained, individualised, printable spelling tutor for adult learners, teachers, home schoolers, students and children:

  • Simple and no hassles—no software to purchase, install or update
  • Designed for adult spelling, children's spelling, classroom teachers, college, university, workplaces
  • Make as many copies as you need, for your own personal or classroom use. Conditions apply
  • Quickly correct persistent spelling errors and improve poor spelling habits
  • Spelling errors stay corrected—no falling back to old incorrect ways (with sufficient practice in using the word)
  • Uses the Old Way/New Way® learning process, a proven user friendly method for correcting persistent spelling errors
  • Uses an improved version of Look Say Cover Write Check, a popular method for learning to spell new words
  • Simple, step by step instructions that are clear and easy to follow, with immediate results
  • Everything you need to know is contained on one printable page
  • Multiple copies can be printed and then filled in by learners or filled in on screen, printed and kept as a record
  • Follow up activities to reinforce learning and improve word memory are included
  • Is available as a downloadable PDF document that requires Adobe Reader, a free program, or equivalent
  • Order your printable copy of Old Way/New Way® for $3 or Old Way/New Way® AND Look Say Cover Write Check 5+5 for $5.

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