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This slide show is based on the previous version of the program which had a different interface. However, the way the program works remains unchanged and is clearly demonstrated in this slide show.

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    Adult and Children’s versions available.

    Three programs in one:
    1. Learn new words using an improved version of Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check, a well known learning strategy.
    2. Test your spelling and track your learning progress
    3. Quickly and permanently correct those difficult, problem words, and habitual misspellings.

    Comes with many inbuilt graded word lists in US and UK spelling, including difficult words, plus create your own lists.

    All on-screen instructions are also voiced. Sound can be turned off, as can background music.

    Simple, user friendly instructions at each stage get you up and running immediately.

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    Multiple users and word lists

    Personal Best Spelling is not restricted to just one user. Many different people can use the same program.

    Each user has his or her own word lists. User list and word lists are fully editable. Both US and UK/Oz spelling is supported.

    Add new users, remove others. Create and add your own word lists, edit existing lists, and delete lists.

    Words lists are graded for ease of use. Words that are known to present special difficulty for adults, children, or second language learners are placed in separate lists.

    Each user can maintain a separate record of their progress including words already mastered and other words yet to be learned.

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    Learning new words

    Learning new words is easy with Personal Best Spelling.

    This sub-program uses an improved version of Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check, a well known learning strategy taught by teachers world wide.

    This advanced version of Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check is designed to accelerate learning and improve memory.

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    Spell Tester

    Having learned all those new words, you then have to test your knowledge, from time to time.

    Spell Tester tests recall for words you’ve learned.

    Words that are consistently misspelled are automatically fed into the Problem Words sub program for special treatment using Old Way New Way®.

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    Old Way New Way® Learning

    Correcting Problem Words uses the Old Way New Way® learning method.

    Old Way New Way® is an entirely new learning strategy, recognised by Australian Departments of Education and Training in three States. Personal Best Academyis licenced to offer you Old Way New Way®.

    Old Way New Way® helps you quickly unlearn old, habitual misspellings, and reinforces learning of correct spellings, so you remember better.

    It does this by having you repeatedly compare your own habitual misspelling, with the correct spelling, focusing on the differences and so improving your awareness.

    This process respects your prior, though incorrect, learning. It does not even use terms like “right” or “wrong”. It recognises that your incorrect learning is an established habit and therefore hard to change.

    It gently but persuasively offers your brain the new, correct learning, so you can more easily learn it and improve.

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    Old Way New Way® Learning

    Old Way New Way® may appear to be rote learning but this is far from mindless repetition.

    It actively engages you in a powerful learning strategy called Progressive Discrimination Learning.

    Each successive comparison of the “old (incorrect)” and the “new (correct)” spelling enables the brain to sort out the differences, so that you can unlearn, i.e., forget, the old incorrect spelling and learn, and be able to consistently recall, the new.

    This kind of learning is powerful, quick and permanent. At about the third discrimination, people often report it is already getting harder to use the old way spelling and easier to use the new way, whereas at the start it was the opposite.

    Old Way New Way® typically produces 80% to 100% improvement in spelling, with 100% likely if you continue to use, i.e., practice, the word(s). Our case studies confirm this.

    If an old way spelling is inadvertently produced, you are likely to self detect it in 95% of cases, and can then self correct it.

    This is truly empowering. It gives you direct personal control over your learning.

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    Follow up learning

    Finally, to reinforce the new learning, you write six short, different sentences using the new spelling of the word.

    This provides important practice and links the new learning with what you already know.

    The process ends with follow up learning instructions, so what was learned will be better remembered.

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